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The Benefits of Sf Car Share

In 2011, the city assumed that Sf Car Share was a benefit to the city, but no quantitative evaluation of the program has been conducted. The pilot program’s designers never attempted to quantify the reduction in membership, VMT, emissions, or walking and biking. And they have yet to measure the benefits of Sf Car Share…

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The Future of Car Share in San Francisco

When the SFMTA approved the On Street Car Share Pilot Program in 2011, it assumed that it would provide an unqualified benefit to the city. However, there has been no attempt to measure the actual reduction in car ownership or VMT from the program. In addition, the pilot program has not included any data on…

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Sf Car Share Vs Upshift

Sf Car Share has a long list of goals. They want to reduce the amount of private vehicle ownership by 30%. In 2011, members of the program owned over 36,000 vehicles. After deducting 24,000 that were donated or sold, that leaves about 60,000 additional vehicles. If the program had not been implemented, those numbers would…

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