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Sustainable Urban Transportation
In the ideal urban transportation system, we would get around using a variety of methods. Bicycling and subways, sidewalks and buses, elevators and ferries would all have their place. Cars, too, would play a role in this diverse setting, doing what they’re best at: getting people to places that can’t be served by other methods or carrying heavy things.

Car-sharing means less total driving and fewer cars purchased. For the environment, that translates into reduced emissions, less fossil fuel consumption, and less waste from manufacturing new cars.

Car-sharing makes it easier for people to give up their personal car and to switch to more sustainable ways of getting around whenever possible. For San Francisco, that translates into greater ridership of public transportation, less space devoted to roads and parking lots, and more space available for the things that make our city great.
Our Mission
City CarShare has the following mission: to promote car-sharing as a community-based transportation option that respects the environmental, economic and social integrity of our neighborhoods and planet.
Our Goals
• Reduce private car ownership.
• Reduce car usage.
• Operate as a financially self-reliant organization.
• Encourage use of transportation alternatives such as biking and public transit.
• Promote linkages between all transportation modes.
• Provide access to vehicles for people of all income levels.
• Free urban space for higher and better uses than parking lots.
• Enhance the pedestrian atmosphere of the city’s streets and public places.
• Create one piece of an ecologically-sustainable city.
• Promote a democratically-controlled local economy.