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That depends on how much you need to drive   If you log less than 10,000 miles a year-or could drive less if you wanted to-car-sharing will probably save you money.
1. If you don’t need to drive every day to get to work, you’re a good candidate.
2. If you own a second car for occasional use, the convenience of car-sharing could allow you to cut down to just one car.
3. If you’ve been considering buying your first car, car-sharing may allow you not to do it.
4. If you need a car during the day for occasional work-related trips, your employer can join City CarShare as an organizational member.
The logic of carsharing
  Individual car ownership encourages use. By the time you’ve paid the fixed costs of insurance, financing, and registration, you have an incentive to "get your money’s worth" by driving as much as possible. The added costs of each extra trip are small when compared to the amount of money you have already spent just to own the car.
Reduces the incentive to drive   Car-sharing allows you to use a car when you need it without incurring the fixed costs. You pay for just the time you use the car and the miles you drive. Without the incentive to drive as much as possible -and with the means to pay just the incremental costs of each individual trip -it starts to make sense to choose different modes of transportation based on the specific requirements of each trip. Car-sharing promotes fair competition between modes of transportation by removing the incentive to drive and by making visible the real costs of each car trip.

Studies show that the average American uses his or her car for just one to two hours a day; the rest of the time, it sits idle. This is a very poor way to utilize such a major capital investment. In City CarShare, there will be one car for approximately every ten members. That means that the fixed costs of each car will be spread out over ten people. It also means that 1/10 the number of cars will need to be parked in our crowded city.