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The costs We’re still developing the final pricing, but these numbers will give you an idea:

• $300 damage deposit - your fully refundable investment in City CarShare.

• $10.00 monthly administrative fee.

• $0.45 per mile, including gas.

• $2.00 per hour, capped at ten hours per day.

The steps
1. Fill out an application. We’ll run a credit check and look at your driving record.

2. Join with a $300 deposit. We give you a key card and a member identification number.

3. Call to reserve a car. We direct you to the nearest vehicle.

4. Use your key card to open the door and unlock the ignition.

5. Drive off.

6. Refuel if you need to using our City CarShare gas card - the costs of gas are included in the fees.

7. Return the car to your parking spot.

8. The on-board computer automatically tracks your time and 6. mileage. You will receive a bill at the end of the month.